Your comfort and success are important!

The most important criteria of "therapy" is a feeling of validation, and knowing that your therapist, or guide, or mentor, or whatever label you give them is open to hearing and listening --being with you in your situation, supporting you to find the solution that brings solace, peace, serenity and joy to the quality of your life, which I call a "wellness" philosophy-- with common sense.

Therapy takes as long as there is a healthy measure of engagement between the client and therapist. An ethical therapist will prompt movement, but ultimately is a choice the client has the right to make to determine when they feel therapy is complete. Psychotherapy is a method of promoting awareness to create change, it is provocative, inquisitive and can be of great assistance in moving an individual or couple out of the same patterns of behavior

"Recognize that life is what you get when you're born ... living is what you do with it."